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Re-sizing your images for the forum

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Re-sizing your images for the forum

Post by Curracag Admin » 24 Mar 2012, 17:12

Re-sizing an image in Photoshop
(These instructions were written using Adobe Photoshop CS2, but also works with Photoshop Elements)
  • With Photoshop open choose the image you want to re-size by selecting File -> Open and browsing to the image.
    Select Image -> Image Size
    In the box that opens up if the resolution is showing as greater than 72 double click the resolution and type in "72"
    At the top of the box if the number shown in "Width" is still larger than 900 double click on the figure and type in "900"
    Click OK
    Select Filter -> Sharpen -> Sharpen
    Select File -> Save As -> and navigate to where you want to save your image.
    Type in a name for your image in "File name"
    Select "Format" using the drop-down list and select "JPEG"
    Click "Save"
    The JPEG options box will open up.
    Click and drag the slider until Quality reads 7
    Click OK
Your image will now be re-sized for uploading directly to the forum.


Irfan view is excellent, free software for manipulating images. It is available from
  • Select File -> Open and browse to the image you want to re-size
    Click on the image and click "Open"
    Select Image -> Resize/Resample
    In the box that opens up change the DPI to 72 and the width or height (whichever is the greater) to 900. Make sure pixels, not cm or inches is selected.
    Click OK
    Select file -> Save as and navigate to where you want the image to be saved. Enter a "File name" of your choice and "Save as type" JPG
    A box with a slider at the top will open up, click and drag the slider until the scale reads 70
    Click "Save"
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