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Migrant Hawker(s)?

If your interest is bees, dragonflies, beetles, ants or indeed any other type of insect chat about them, ask questions and share your images here.
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Migrant Hawker(s)?

Post by AndrewS » 14 Sep 2014, 20:01

I bumped into a visiting birdwatcher, who I'd met at the Howmore citrine wagtail last weekend. In chatting about his holiday so far he mentioned seeing migrant hawkers at North Loch Eynort during last week/

On asking him more it turns out he is keen on dragonflies and actually has in the hand photos (!) and also saw a mating pair. I saw the photos on the back of his camera but he said he'd send me photos. I mentioned that the OHBC would be keen on the records and that this may well be a 1st confirmed record for the OH?

cheers, Andrew

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Re: Migrant Hawker(s)?

Post by christinej » 25 Sep 2014, 08:44

Thank you Andrew.
Migrant Hawker has not been recorded in the Outer Hebrides, nor north of Glasgow. So an excellent record and we would appreciate the details.
It has been a good year for dragonflies, with the first record of an Emerald Damselfly for South Uist (last recorded on North Uist in 1900).
So I am hoping that you will all be submitting Odonata records this year.


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